New Shadow of War Fort Assault Gameplay is All About Siege

A new GameSpot video has shown off more Middle-earth: Shadow of War fort assault gameplay, showing off some of the other things that you can do in the game, and how you can use your powers to conquer the fortresses that are controlled by Orcs that serve the Dark Lord Sauron.

We previously saw some Middle-earth: Shadow of War fort assault gameplay in the first gameplay debut that the game released earlier this year, as Talion assaulted the fortress of Seregost. There, we learned how Talion could circumvent obstacles with his powers, or install moles into the fortress before attacking.

This new video shows other things you can do, such as different units you can add to your army (ranging from siege beasts to a fire-breathing drake), how you can make your Wraith abilities do elemental damage (such as fire or ice), the ways that runes have changed (going from power-ups to your weapons to straight up armor and weaponry), and more about your captains.

For instance, Talion won’t have to do all the work when attacking fortresses and hunting down captains; your own captains will also be fighting, and they can also brutally kill Sauron’s own captains to help you fight your way into the fortress. Before you begin an assault on a fortress, your captains may talk about other events that you did with them in the game such as a situation where you saved their lives and more.

Also revealed in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War fort assault gameplay video would be ways that you can dominate other Orcs that are in the fortress, set traps around it by sneaking in ahead of time, and more.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be coming out on August 22 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and hopefully we’ll see more of it at E3.