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Nvidia Titan X Volta Leaked By Nvidia Intern, Features NVLink?

We already know that Nvidia Volta is the next GPU architecture and we have already seen a pair of Volta based professional GPUs. We have yet to see gaming oriented, consumer level GPUs. That is about to change as the Nvidia Titan X Volta has been leaked by an intern at Nvidia and he has uploaded some pictures as proof as well. You can check out the pictures here.

The Nvidia Titan X Volta that has been pictured has a different colored shroud and there are subtle design differences. So it is clear that this is not the Titan X or the Titan XP either. The gold color goes with the Volta GPUs that we have already seen at GTC 2017. One thing that you can note here is that there are no connections for the SLI bridge.

This could mean that this is an engineering sample and that the product is not finished yet. It has not been long since the Titan Xp was released to it would not be a surprise if Nvidia is going to take some time with the Nvidia Titan X Volta. Volta is a new architecture and Nvidia might want to pump out all the performance from the GPU.

Nvidia Titan X Volta

One thing that you can notice are the two notches on the side of the GPU. Nvidia did say that the upcoming Volta GPUs would feature the NVLink. When the company said that we assumed that this feature would not make it to the consumer market, that assumption could be wrong as these notches could indeed be the NVLink.

There is still much that we do not know at this point so you should wait for the story to develop before getting overexcited about this leak.

Let us know what you think about these pictures and whether or not you think this is the Nvidia Titan X Volta.