Monolith Remarks On Shadow of War Stress: “If We Fail, We’re Finished”

Monolith Studios, who are working on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, remarked on the Shadow of War stress that they’re feeling now that the game is getting closer and closer to release. The game will be releasing on August 22 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and is the second Lord of the Rings game from Monolith.

Apparently, the Shadow of War stress that Monolith is dealing with is a fairly over-blown stress: in the words of Monolith’s vice president Michael de Plater, “If we fail, we’re finished.” Essentially, that if they mess up Shadow of War, no one will trust them to make a game like it again, especially one that’s this grand.

While de Plater has said that the stress can be a good thing, driving the Monolith employees to do their best work on the game, some may see it as sort of overreacting. After all, with Monolith’s own pedigree, especially its work on Shadow of Mordor to begin with, they’ll have at least some goodwill. And a game as big as Shadow of War always has the potential to be fixed post-release.

However, the stress is also somewhat justified; Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was a critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings game that came out in 2014, despite what people thought of as a somewhat lackluster ending.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be everything that Shadow of Mordor was and more, including Talion being able to form an army of orcs to war with Sauron for control of Mordor. That, adding to new areas, new gear, new buildings, new mechanics, and so much more, is a lot to improve on in this new game.

With more and more information coming out about Shadow of War all the time, any Shadow of War stress will hopefully be vindicated when the game comes out, and especially if it gets critical acclaim like the last game.