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Is Final Fantasy 16 Development Already Underway? Job Opening Hints Yes

Final Fantasy 15, the latest mainline Final Fantasy game, only came out back in November of last year. However, it seems like Square Enix is already starting on Final Fantasy 16 development. The hints come from a job offer that was looking for a 2D artist for a “super famous RPG series”.

The ad, posted on the Japanese job website ECareerFA, specified that the 2D artist would appear to be a concept artist, drawing out various environments (towns, villages, dungeons), along with other items such as weapons, furniture, emblems, vehicles, items, and map icons.

With all of this, and no real details about the actual game, there’s no telling on if it’s actually related to the Final Fantasy 16 development cycle. However, there isn’t really any other “super famous RPG series” that Square Enix has that isn’t currently in development (since Kingdom Hearts 3 is well underway).

If it is Final Fantasy 16, however, there’s no telling what we’ll be in for this time. Final Fantasy 15 was an odd one of the Final Fantasy bunch, going with an interesting design that’s a mix of modern and fantasy as it included cars and weapons that wouldn’t look out of place in our own world.

If Final Fantasy 16 is being worked on, hopefully this one will end up being a return to a more conventional Final Fantasy setting, but maybe keeping 15’s stylish combat. Either way, until Square Enix actually reveals something, we have no clue of what they’re working on.

Hopefully when E3 rolls around in the next few weeks, Square Enix will give us some insight into how the Final Fantasy 16 development is actually going. And, hopefully, this time Square Enix won’t take over a decade to release the game like they did with Final Fantasy 15, which used to be Final Fantasy Versus 13 before it was re-made.