Far Cry 5 Teaser Video Teases Murderous Hillbillies In Montana Backwoods

A Far Cry 5 teaser video has been released onto YouTube by Ubisoft, and it seems like 2017 may be the Year of the Murderous Hillbillies in the same manner that 2012 was the Year of the Bow. Far Cry 5, which apparently takes place in “Hope County, Montana”, may involve murderous backwoods hicks.

The trailer isn’t really that interesting (on the surface), merely showing a panning shot of a beautiful river and green fields beyond. However, if you’re not careful, you’ll miss the sounds of flies buzzing…and a dead body floating down the river.

Going to the backwoods of the United State is something of a departure from previous Far Cry games, which normally took you abroad to various, more “uncivilized” locations. These ranged from the small mountain country of Kyrat, to the African savannah, to the isolated Rook Islands.

Despite the setting being in America, don’t let that fool you into thinking that we’ll be dealing with a far more urbanized area. Montana is the 4th-largest United States state in size, but it’s the 44th in population and 48th in population density. Settlements there are few and far between, and the game happening without anyone in the wider US noticing isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility.

There’s no real telling what the plot of the game will be from the Far Cry 5 teaser video, but Ubisoft also put a treat in the video’s ending; a full reveal will be happening on May 26, this Friday. In that reveal, we’ll likely be getting information on exactly what is happening in Hope County.

Whether it’s some sort of Rambo-like scenario with a corrupt sheriff, or it truly is murderous hillbillies, gamers will likely have to once again embrace their inner savagery in order to make it out of this precarious situation alive.