Will Far Cry 5 Be Able To Give Us A Villain As Captivating As Vaas?

Far Cry is a long-running first-person shooter franchise that has seen its fair share of the ups and downs. With the launch of Far Cry 3, this franchise became widely popular among gamers. However, it’s not like the first two games were bad but, it was the reveal of Far Cry 3 which introduced us to Vaas in a way that he is still remembered as one the best villains in video games.

Now, Far Cry 5 is on the horizon and Ubisoft has already revealed a teaser for the game as the full trailer will be revealed this Friday. Since the launch of Far Cry 3, having the villains that captivate us have taken the series to new heights. While we got Pagan Min in Far Cry 4 which tried to be as good of a villain as Vaas but there was something that kept Pagan to be as good as Vaas, and nobody even remembers the baddy from Far Cry Primal.

Now, the question is simple, will Ubisoft give us a villain as captivating as Vaas with Far Cry 5. For now, nothing in known about the game’s villain, however, a lot of info about the game has been leaked which has been partially proved correct with the reveal of the recent teaser for Far Cry 5. The leaked info about the game also revealed a bit about the potential villain of Far Cry 5.

According to the leak, the antagonist will potentially be a religious cultist and it seems that Ubisoft is going for an evil angle on the religion. According to the leak, the protagonist walks into a church where the whole town is gathered and listening to a shirtless guy with an assault rifle in one hand and Bible in the other.

In my opinion, Vaas is not memorable among the fans for his background story but it was the performance of Michael Mando that made Vaas what he is. For those who don’t know, Vaas was not intended to be what we saw in the game but originally he was supposed to be a big and buffed up brute to be the henchman for the game’s main antagonist.

However, all this changed when Michael Mando came to audition for the role and Ubisoft was so impressed by his delivery that they made Vaas in the image of that Michael Mando showed them. This is also the reason why Vaas was a henchman for the game’s main baddy but, he left a lasting impression.

Troy Baker gave us Pagan Min in Far Cry 4 and there is no denying that this is one of his best performances in video games. Will Ubisoft continue the trend of giving us villains that are menacing as they are captivating? The most important question is that: will Ubisoft give us a villain as captivating as Vaas.

What are your expectations for the upcoming Far Cry 5? Do you think Ubisoft will be able to give us a memorable antagonist? Let us know in the comments.