Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Coming To Xbox One and PS4

Capcom brought its critically acclaimed game, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, to PC in early 2016 and it seems that the devs are not going to stop there as Capcom has confirmed that the game will be released for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma.

Capcom has officially confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will launch this fall. Initially, the company confirmed it only for Japanese release but the devs have confirmed it for the Western release. The game will also release for PC in Japan for the first time.

Dark Arisen is not the only Dragon’s Dogma in the market, as Capcom launched Dragon’s Dogma Online for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a few years back. However, it is only available for Japan but, the devs have not ruled out the possibility of its Western release. According to game director Kento Kinoshita, a Dragons Dogma Online Western release is not entirely out of the question.

The world of online games spreads ever outward. Once we have established a solid foundation in Japan I’d like to consider bringing this game overseas, where there are a great many online game players.

Dragon Dogma’s: Dark Arisen is an action RPG developed by Capcom for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStaiton 3. The game will launch this fall for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: NeoGaf