Destiny Weapons That Should Return in Destiny 2

Released back in 2014, Destiny is one of the most popular sci-fi shooters around. It had its flaws but overall it came with its positives as well. Destiny featured some great activities such as raids, strikes, and our favorite the Crucible.

Moreover, it came with a long list of amazing weapons and personally, I formed an attachment with many of the game’s weapons and used them regularly. Now that the game is getting a sequel and we know about plenty of returning features, we still don’t know which weapons are actually making a comeback. Of course, most of Destiny’s weapons are expected to be back but here are the weapons we would like to see again in Destiny 2.

Red Death

It is no the most popular weapon and neglected by many due to its slow and steady pace. However, this high-impact weapon is not only capable of dealing significant damage but leveling it up allows you to regenerate health faster and boost the reload speed. You can take down swarms of enemies quickly using the Red Death.


While machine guns aren’t always as appreciated as they should be, you must admire this weapon’s ability to crowd control and overwhelm enemies. The more you kill the greater the damage inflicted. This is a must for Destiny 2 where swarms of Red Legion soldiers will come at you from every direction.


This was my favorite weapon to use because Khvostov was the very first rifle we pick up and use for many battles. It was later turned into an exotic auto rifle that was able to switch from full to semi auto or burst fire. You could also modify your fire rate, change the sight, and play with the perks.


This side arm was Destiny’s most coveted drop. While its individual rounds lacked power but its stability and speed combined with a healthy clip made it a dangerous weapon. Roll SureShot, Relentless Tracker, Unrepentant, and Hand Loaded to burst fire foes. Every kill boosts the damage of your next shot in addition to enhancing your radar.



The greatest weapon to ever grace a sci-fi shooter, Gjallarhorn. The weapon was taken from us for months but it came back in Rise of Iron and Guardians all over the universe rejoiced. It was time to kick ass and God! Did we kick some serious butt with this bad boy?

Which weapons would you like to see in Destiny 2? Take to the comments and let us know.