AMD Zen 2 & 3 To Aggressively Use Process Technology & Architecture

We know that AMD Zen is scalable and we have heard about AMD Zen 2 and Zen 3 coming out in the upcoming years and we have also seen these in the roadmaps that the company has revealed. It is interesting to see that AMD has a muli-generational roadmap planned and that we can expect much more from AMD in the upcoming years.

According to Lisa Su, there is a muli-generational roadmap and this is not the end of Zen, AMD Zen 2, as well as 3, will be coming out in the upcoming years and they will take advantage of developments in the manufacturing process as well as architectural development to provide better value for the customer. AMD has always been big when it comes to providing good value to the customer.

In talks with JP Morgan, Lisa Su talked about the companies goal of achieving 40% boost in performance and that has been achieved even though people were skeptical about this goal. AMD CEO also talked about everyone being busy with new products and that we should see AMD Vega on the shelves in a month or two.

Yes, it’s important for high-performance computing companies like us to have a multi-generational roadmap. When we talked about Zen’s concept and about it, I said it was a goal to achieve a 40% performance boost, and many people did not believe it would be possible.

The Zen architecture will be relevant for the years to come and you can expect these chips to stay at least until 2020. If you are interested in learning more about the high-end CPUs from AMD then you can check out the detailed article we did about the lineup.

And we exceeded that goal. The roadmap we set up by 2020 is what consumers expect and want from us. Zen 2 and Zen 3 will aggressively use process technology and architecture to provide sustainable loads for consumers to buy.

The AMD roadmap shows that after Vega the next GPU architecture will be Navi, unfortunately, there is nothing that we know of the architecture at the moment and all we can do at this point is wait for Vega to come out first.

Graphics are similar. I have a roadmap for Navi and the next generation architecture as good as Vega. Our R & D philosophy is to build teams with many leaps and bounds. Again, consumers, especially large customers like the cloud and the business, expect that.

AMD is also looking to capture some of the gaming notebook markets with the new Zen CPUs and Vega based GPUs. We could see AMD Zen 2 CPUs coming out for the mobile market sometime in the future as well.

I have not seen much of a processor for a laptop, but it will be released in a few months. Again, notebook processors come with a Zen CPU and a Vega GPU, and of course, both CPU and GPU performance will be competitive. Incidentally, it is also quite optimized for battery life. In other words, Ryzen based laptops will be very competitive.

When asked about when AMD Zen 2 will be coming out Lisa Su said that it can be expected to release some time in Q3 2018. The next gen architecture will be based on the 7nm process.

Our goal is to be competitive in terms of the long-term roadmap. Foundry’s 7nm roadmap is really competitive compared to other places, and I think the gap between our foundry roadmap and Intel foundry is pretty close. We aim to aggressively introduce 7nm technology, and we will tape out at the end of the year. And as we get closer to product production, we can think about the release date. Our idea is to have a competitive edge across the portfolio. I think that the possibility of the Ryzen will be released in Q3 of 2018.

Let us know what you think about AMD Zen 2 and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in buying.