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Xbox One Will Hold Project Scorpio Back, Microsoft Studios Developer Betting on Parity

Games on Project Scorpio will always be held back by the lowest common denominator, Xbox One. The machine will boost parity across both platforms which means same frame rates in multiplayer games like Destiny, Overwatch, or any other future titles. However, Microsoft says that it is up to the developer to choose the frame rate.

Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra confirmed that Microsoft will not force developers to bring parity to Xbox One and Project Scorpio when it comes to frame rates. However, like Shannon Loftis from Microsoft Studio says, there is no developer who will choose to allow Project Scorpio players have a better frame rate in multiplayer games.

Doing so means Project Scorpio players will have a massive advantage over Xbox One users.

Xbox One will be holding Project Scorpio back, not allowing it to reach its true potential in multiplayer games. Moreover, even though Project Scorpio is for who want the absolute best version of Xbox One games, there is no guarantee that all single player games will have a better frame rate on Project Scorpio because it is completely up to the developers.

Digital Foundry discussed its specs and how it can push 4K to 60FPS on consoles, by cutting some corners of course. Thanks to mid-gen upgrades, the traditional console cycle does not exist anymore.  While Sony is rumored to be planning the release of PS5 next year, Microsoft is still marketing Scorpio as a mid-gen upgrade, not as aggressively of course, which means the company would need something to counter PS5 that is expected to be more powerful than Project Scorpio.

Scorpio is releasing sometime this Fall.