Survey: Which Platform Will Choose to Play Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 was announced recently and just ago we also got to see proper gameplay footage. The title looks amazing and comes with many amazing features across all platforms. The original Destiny released on consoles only but this time around, PC gamers will get to join the fight to protect the Light.

To evaluate the interest in Destiny 2 for each platform we have decided to host a survey. We wish to know which platform will you choose to play Destiny 2 – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or will it be PC? Please spare a moment to answer the short question below.

Destiny 2 is coming to PC but it won’t release simultaneously with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to Bungie, players on PC will have to wait till early in 2018. However, the good news is that at least the PC version will have an uncapped frame rate. Moreover, the PC version is not coming to Steam. During the event, it was confirmed that the PC version will be exclusive to Blizzard App aka Battle.Net.

Last but not the least, the PC version is not being developed by Bungie.

Moreover, in Destiny 2, the Last City is attacked and occupied by the Cabal’s Red Legion, led by Dominus Ghaul. Ghaul is a Cabal warlord who believes that the Cabal should own the Traveler and its Light, and so has captured the Traveler and robbed the Guardians of their abilities.

With the City in ruins, and the Guardians scattered, players must journey to Saturn’s moon Titan, Jupiter’s moon Io, and the planetoid Nessus, in order to gather Cayde-6, Ikora, and Zavala back together to lead the war to retake the City and the Traveler from the Cabal.