Is Project Scorpio Worth Buying If You Don’t Own a 4K Tv?

Project Scorpio is releasing this year and will offer native 4K gaming and is made for the absolute best version of games. Even though developers would go for console parity in multiplayer games, most singleplayer games should offer better frame rates on Project Scorpio, at least at 1080p.

One question that is often asked by Xbox fans is that if they should buy Project Scorpio for 1080p gaming? Is the console worth buying if you don’t own a 4K screen? Well, the short answer is yes but let’s discuss further. According to Phil Spencer:

I think Scorpio is for the console customer who wants the best version of the console games on their television, whether they have a 1080p or a 4K television. We’ve got a higher frequency CPU than any other console, we’ve got a better GPU, we’ve got more RAM. I have a Scorpio at home, so I’ve moved it back and forth from a 1080p TV to a 4K TV – and if you’re running on a 1080p TV and you plug Scorpio in you’re gonna be able to tell. I can tell.

Project Scorpio offer better frame rates and resolution even at 1080p. It is a decent upgrade over Xbox One that struggles at the same resolutions and majority of its titles are under Full HD. Although this console is made to appeal to the “hardcore” gamers and is being marketed as a high-end SKU for 4K gaming, it can prove to be a worthy upgrade for 1080p gamers. However, keep in mind that offering a better performance at 1080p depends on the developers.