Jason Todd Assumes the Red Hood Alias in Injustice 2

Jason Todd has been ousted to be arriving as a downloadable character for Injustice 2, once more taking up the anti-hero role of Red Hood.

Over the weekend, a batch of new screenshots was shared by the developer on its social media pages. Among them was an in-game grab of Red Hood flinging his opponent and emptying his dual menacing side-arms into the airborne target.

NetherRealm Studios appears to be too eager to reveal its DLC characters, considering that it has only been a week since Injustice 2 was released. Red Hood may be the first but is an unsurprising announcement. The developer had already teased the character many times last year, with creative director Ed Boon even hosting a poll to ask which Red Hood version should be included in the game.

Not to forget that the Joker makes a reference to Todd in his opening dialogue when pitted against Robin. The super move of the makeup-wearing villain is also a direct reference to the manner in which he killed Todd; beating his opponents with a crowbar, followed by electrocution, and then dynamite.

It is assumed that Red Hood will play quite different from Deadshot, who is designed as a projectile-heavy character that uses an arsenal of weapons to zone out opponents and keep punishing them at range. He is also a source of frustration because players are taking their opponents out rather cheaply by simply spamming his wrist cannon from the other side of the screen.

Other characters who have already been confirmed to arrive at an unannounced later date include Starfire, Black Manta, Spawn; and two guest characters from the Mortal Kombat univers, Sub-Zero and Raiden.

Injustice 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.