AMD And Nvidia GPU Architecture Roadmap Comparison, What’s Coming and When

Both AMD and Nvidia have revealed their GPU architecture roadmap for the upcoming years and now we know what we can expect to see from both companies in the upcoming years. When it comes to the Nvidia GPU Architecture Roadmap we have information till 2018 but the AMD GPU Architecture Roadmap does up to 2020.

AMD has already talked about AMD Vega and it has been confirmed that the new gaming GPUs will be showcased at Computex 2017 and it will be interesting to see what kind of performance the high-end GPUs from team Red have to offer in the face of Nvidia. There have been some leaks and rumors claim that we will also be able to see custom Vega GPUs at the event.

The new AMD roadmap reveals that Vega 20 will not be based on the 7nm process. This is what we thought to be so before. The new roadmap now shows that Vega 20 will be based on the 14nm+ architecture and the 7nm process will be reserved for Navi, the upcoming next-gen GPU architecture.

At the enthusiast-level, we have the Vega 10 architecture we have the Vega 11 architecture for the mid to high-end there is the Vega 11 architecture. For 2019 and 2020 we have Navi 10, 11 and 20 respectively. Navi 20 will be coming out sometime after 2019.

Talking about the Nvidia roadmap, we have already seen some Volta based GPUs that are for professional use but we are yet to see gaming Volta GPUs. According to the roadmap, we should see Volta based gaming GPUs by the end of the year. These GPUs will be based on the 12nm process. It should be interesting to see how Volta will compete against Vega.

Let us know what you think about these GPU architecture roadmaps and which architecture you are most excited about in the comments section below.