Will Xur or Someone Like Him Return in Destiny 2?

XUR is sort of an important part of the Destiny and its lore. XUR is basically the Agent Of The Nine, and the identity of the nine is shrouded in mystery. The nine are called Jovians, Warminds, illusive beings of immense power that have placed XUR near the Guardians. However, with the announcement of Destiny 2 many are wondering that with the destruction of the Tower will XUR or someone like him, surely he can’t be the one to serve The Nine, will return.

Before we even talk about XUR or someone like him to return to Destiny 2 lets recap what we know about XUR. To those who do not dig deep, XUR will seem to them as a common merchant that sells weapons that can’t be found anywhere but the black market and the equipment he sells is of the legendary level. Like the ones he serves XUR’s identity is also shrouded in mystery he comes and goes and talks to no one.

However, one must ask how XUR makes his way into the tower does he has special arrangements with the Vanguards or the Speaker and questions like these makes him a much more interesting character. No one is absolutely sure of his goals or that even he has individuality or not? or he is just a puppet of the Nine.

There is another theory that XUR and The Nine are using Guardians themselves to procure items that they are yet to understand. These items are Glimmer, Motes Of Light, and Strange Coins which are pieces of the game’s economy of which Glimmer is the only one that Guardians have an understanding of. On the other hand, Motes Of Light and Strange Coins are the only currencies XUR accepts.

XUR Destiny 2

Now, to the main question, If XUR will return to Destiny 2 or someone else like him as he might not be the only one to serve The Nine. Lets us analyze the circumstances in which Guardians begin their journey in Destiny 2. As Bungie has revealed in the gameplay reveal, Destiny 2 starts with the destruction of the very tower where we meet XUR every weekend in Destiny and Red Legion has severed the connection of Guardian’s with the Traveler’s light.

First thing is that the Tower is no more even the last city on earth is no more so XUR will not be found where he was once easily found. Second of all, there is speculation that XUR has secret dealing either with Vanguard or the Speaker. After the attack on the last city of earth and connection to the traveler severed, all three Vanguard heads are separated and scattered around the galaxy and nothing in known what happened to the Speaker.

Given that Vanguard leaders are no longer on Earth so basically XUR can’t renegotiate their terms of business with them and the severed connection from the light might also render Guardians worthless in the eyes of XUR and The Nine.

However, there could be another angle to this situation, given that the Vanguard Leaders are no longer on Earth and there is no city this is an opportunity for XUR or others like him to come and go freely without anyone asking a question and can easily sell his items to Guardians. But, that also raises the question that after the connection to the light has been severed, will there be anymore Motes Of Light?

This very question also raises the possibility that is there are no Motes Of Light, Xur and The Nine will help Guardians to claim the traveler as if the speculations are right, they do need Motes Of Light and Strange Coins.

What do you think? Will XUR return or someone like him will take his place in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments.