New Pokemon Sun and Moon Mod Adds New Challenge To Story

A new Pokemon Sun and Moon mod, known as Pokemon Nova Sun and Pokemon Umbra Moon, has been released, and adds a new challenge to the story of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Battles are made more difficult, the AI actually uses competitive strategies, and trainer levels are higher in battle.

Along with a new difficulty curve, the Pokemon Sun and Moon mod also adds a number of other tweaks. For instance, shops will sell better items, NPCs have more Pokemon with items and new movesets (some even have full teams.) Ditto are now available for players to obtain. Eggs hatch faster, a wider variety of wild Pokemon is available, there are easier evolution methods, Totem Pokemon use new strategies, and more.

Some criticisms of Pokemon Sun and Moon were that the game was more difficult for a Pokemon game. More challenging wild and Trainer battles, SOS Battles (where wild Pokemon could call for help from other Pokemon in the area), and more all helped with the challenge. However, Pokemon Nova Sun and Pokemon Umbra Moon appear to up the challenge even more.

Pokemon fans have often attempted to increase the difficulty of games before, such as through mods (like this one) or through the Nuzlocke fandom (a sort of “challenge run” of a Pokemon game where you go from starting your journey to beating the Elite Four, catching the first Pokemon you encounter on each route, nicknaming them, then releasing them when they’re knocked out). Some people even add on to existing challenges with new rules.

However, the new Pokemon Sun and Moon mod is currently available to download and play only requires you to properly install the mod before you set out on a more difficult Pokemon Sun and Moon journey. You can download the mod by following this link.