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Everything We Know So Far About Destiny 2 on PC

It was last month when Bungie officially announced that Destiny 2 would be releasing for PC, making it the first time for the franchise to do so.

Since then, the developer has released more details regarding the upcoming installment. Here is everything there is to know so far about the PC version of Destiny 2.

Hello Blizzard, goodbye Steam
Destiny 2 will release exclusively through the official Blizzard App (formerly and ignore Steam. The news is surprising since the platform has until now been catering to only games from Blizzard. However, the move is logical since Bungie is honoring a ten-year publishing deal with Activision.

According to the developer, it will be solely focusing on the game’s health while social and retail aspects will be handled by Blizzard. The announcement has ignited debates about whether Activision will consider bringing over its other games on the platform in the future.

New developer in the house
The PC version is being developed by Vicarious Visions and not Bungie. The studio was acquired by Activision in January 2005 to act as a subsidiary. Besides the upcoming sequel, it is also working on Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for PlayStation 4.

Vicarious Visions has assured that it is not simply releasing a port, and is making sure that the game “plays and feels” like a proper PC game.

No cross-save and cross-play
There will be no support for cross-save and cross-play functionality between consoles and PC. This makes it very important for a player to carefully choose what platform to purchase the game on. There is no way to switch platforms afterwards without losing progress and starting anew.

Glorious features
As expected, the PC version will arrive with a bunch of features that take advantage of beefier hardware configurations. For the time being, Bungie has confirmed that the frame-rate will not be capped at 30 frames-per-second like on the consoles. In addition to a field-of-view slider and custom key-mapping, the game will feature support for 4K resolution.

No dedicated servers
Unfortunately, Destiny 2 will feature peer-to-peer (P2P) networking for online play. There will be no dedicated servers, forcing many to question the quality of multiplayer. With a history of lag for the first game, it is unnatural that Bungie decided to opt for the same route the second time.

Reasonable system requirements
The PC version looks gorgeous but the developer has assured that the system requirements will not be demanding. Unless there is a need to push past the 4K boundary, majority of players will be able to comfortably run the game without purchasing the “latest and greatest hardware.”

Release date under consideration
While Destiny 2 will be releasing for consoles later this year, the PC version has been pushed back to an unannounced date. Bungie is currently unable to point out a release window since development is still ongoing. It hopes to update the community once we reach closer to the end of the year.

Beta days
The PC version is confirmed to receive a beta but there is no telling as to when. Since the game has been delayed to arrive sometime after, it needs to be clarified if the beta will roll out this summer alongside the consoles or not.