Destiny 2 Kinetic Weapons, Power Weapons, Energy Weapons Explained

The hype around the Destiny 2 is huge and Bungie has assured that the game will be better than the original in almost every aspect. According to Bungie, the lore of the game will no longer be included in Grimoire but will actually be in-game and the weapons in Destiny 2 will also see some changes. It is safe to say that the weapons system in the upcoming game has been completely revamped.

Let’s talk about Destiny 2’s weapon system. The three weapons slot now players will have in Destiny 2 are for three different type of weapons which include: Kinetic weapons, Energy weapons, and Power weapons. This actually replaces the primary and secondary weapon slot system. Furthermore, some weapons are kind of interchangeable at least in the Kinetic energy weapon class and Energy weapon class.

Since this is going to be replacing the primary and secondary class system, the Kinetic weapons class will serve as the primary weapon. You will see side arms, scout rifles, pulse rifle and auto-rifles in this class and they kind of perform like the primary weapons in Destiny.

That is not all, you will also see Kinetic SMGs in this class, however, the general perception about the SMG, from those who played at the event, is that they act more like auto-rifles with a high rate of fire but, you will have to use them for almost close to mid-range battles.

The Energy weapons will be taking the place of the secondary elemental weapon slot. In this weapon slot, you will get to see the primary class weapons from Destiny, aside from this, the Energy weapons slot will also feature elemental auto-rifles, pulse rifles and elemental cannon and these are just a few that Bungie showed off.

The Power Weapons slot will be replacing the Heavy weapon slot from Destiny and this is where a majority of special weapons have been featured. Guns like shotguns and sniper rifles will be sharing this weapons slot with guns like Rocket launchers, LMGs, and grenade launcher weapons.

If you think about it, it is a huge change from Destiny, as Sniper Rifles and shotguns will sharing ammo with heavy weapons.

Furthermore, this also makes quite an interesting change for PvP matches and is Destiny 2 Power Weapons’ ammo drops every minute or so and the only one who gets the ammo is the one who actually picks up the box.

Do you think this change to the weapon system will answer the problems that occurred in Destiny? Let us know in the comments.