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Destiny 2 Lore Will No Longer Be Part Of Grimoire, Will Instead Be In-Game

The Destiny 2 lore that will help to flesh out the game’s universe will no longer be given to players in the form of Grimoire cards, according to art director Mike Zak. Grimoire cards had previously been used as a part of the Destiny companion app from Bungie during the first game.

Grimoire cards were collectible “cards” that were used to give out lore to players who wanted to learn more about the game. They were collected by completing challenges, finding dead Ghosts, doing various strike missions, collecting weapons, or visiting various locations.

However, despite the information that they fleshed out, many gamers complained about the Grimoire because we couldn’t look at them in-game. Instead, we had to go to the Bungie website or to the companion app to read it ourselves.

The inaccessibility of the Grimoire in-game also didn’t help the original Destiny story complaints, as much of the Grimoire entries also helped to flesh out the narrative more than the actual game did.

Destiny 2 lore will instead be integrated into the game more, with players being able to see more of the lore in the actual game, instead of collecting cards.

What exactly this means remains to be seen, and while it does appear that the lore will be a part of new Grimoire cards, it will at least be easier, hopefully, to access the lore of the game in the meantime. Bungie hasn’t given any sort of ideas as to what they’ll do to replace or augment Grimoire cards, but hopefully it will serve the same purpose in a better way.

Either way, we’ll likely learn more about Bungie’s approach to the Destiny 2 lore sometime next month at E3. There, we’ll be seeing more of Destiny 2, hopefully, before it releases at the end of the summer on September 8. The game will be releasing for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.