AMD Vega Gaming GPUs Will Be Faster Than Frontier Edition, Feature “A Few Other Goodies” According To Raja Koduri

AMD Vega gaming GPUs have been confirmed to be showcased at Computes 2017 and even though these will not be available for purchase even a week after the event, we are expecting to see the GPUs on the shelves in a few weeks time. It seems that we have yet to learn more about the AMD Vega gaming GPUs.

According to Raja Koduri, People will like Frontier Edition but AMD Vega gaming GPUs will have something more to offer. He has yet to specify what that is yet and he commented by saying that he cannot talk about it just yet. We might be able to find out what these “other goodies” are at Computex.

Furthermore, he talked about optimization and driver support for the upcoming gaming GPUs, he also said that these gaming GPUs will be better optimized for modern day titles and that the consumer GPUs will be faster than the Frontier Edition. This is great news indeed.

According to Koduri:

Consumer RX will be much better optimized for all the top gaming titles and flavors of RX Vega will actually be faster than Frontier version!

We know that AMD’s Frontier Edition features 25+ TFLOPS of computing power, this is a lot of performance from a GPU, I do not think you will be getting double that or any kind of miracle but even slightly more power would mean a big difference as compared to what previous AMD gaming GPUs had to offer.

We have also heard rumors about custom AMD Vega GPUs also being showcased at Computex. That could mean that we might be able to see the performance difference between reference design models as well as custom models. These upcoming couple of weeks should be very interesting indeed.

Let us know what you think about AMD Vega gaming GPUs and whether or not you are considering buying one this year.