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15 Ways in Which Destiny 2 Will Be Better Than the Original

Three years is a lot of time for Bungie to understand what went wrong with the first game and ensure that Destiny 2 is something more than just a sequel. There needs to be improvements and additions for aspects which the first game was either lacking in or completely missing.

At this point during the continuous stream of information, the developer is promising an evolved version of the original installment. This does mean that Destiny 2 will appear to be similar to its big brother, but accompany major changes based on feedback.

So how exactly does Destiny 2 differ from its predecessor?

1. Story takes precedence
The original Destiny famously struggled with its story-telling. As far as the community is concerned, the game actually had no story to begin with. A lot of elements were left unexplained, and what remained was extremely vague.

An expansive deep lore is what Bungie is focusing on for Destiny 2. There will be more missions than ever that tie up with the story-line, with difference races and encounters to further help players understand the game’s universe. The developer may even bring in content to tie up loose ends from the previous installment, taking the opportunity of Destiny 2 to answer questions left behind.

2. Cinematic and more immersive experience
The recent reveal of the game saw the developer repeatedly promise a “cinematic campaign” for the community. In addition to a large focus on storytelling, Bungie is promising a more immersive experience that will be a large improvement over the bland predecessor. There will be more cut-scenes and staged moments than before, and a large amount of well-scribbled dialogues to drag the player into the world.

3. Grimoire takes a backseat
The lore of Destiny 2 will be integrated directly into the game, meaning that players will discover and learn about the universe through actual exploration and contact.

Previously, we had to gather collectible cards to help us understand the background lore. The major gripe with this system was how the cards could only be viewed through the official website, or companion app on mobile devices.

While there is no confirmation that the Grimoire has been completely removed from Destiny 2, players should find it easier to learn about forgotten cultures and ancients wars in the sequel.

4. New sub-classes with new abilities
Destiny 2 will retain the same three base classes but introduce a new sub-class for each to replace one of the three older ones.

  • Hunter: Arcstrider replaces Bladedancer; wields a powerful staff of lightning.
  • Titan: Sentinel replaces Defender; summons a powerful shield to smash enemies.
  • Warlock: Dawnblade replaces Sunsinger; slings a powerful flaming sword.

In addition to the new sub-classes, there will be a special “class ability” for every class. The Hunter gets to evade, Titan gets to throw a barrier to mitigate damage, and Warlock gets to buff allies in an area.

5. Revamped Crucible for competitive advantage
The player-versus-players (PvP) aspect of Destiny 2 will now feature four-versus-four gameplay across all modes, instead of three-versus-three or six-versus-six. The heads up display (HUD) is also getting several improvements and will now display critical information such as whether the opponents have their super abilities charged or not.

According to the developer, the changes are designed to promote strategical decisions and intense team-based combat.

6. Clans and Matchmaking
Destiny 2 will finally feature proper support for groups of players who want to play together and represent a single banner. It will have a separate progression system that rewards members of clans for achieving various milestones. There will also be social features that allow players to communicate with one another both inside and outside of the game.

A new kind of dungeon finder called Guided Games will run in tandem to make it easier for solo players to find other groups for Raids, Trials, and Strikes. This will also work in reverse, and clans can open up to seek helping hands.

7. New weapons, revamped types, and mods
The weapons of Destiny 2 are now classified as Kinectic, Energy, and Power instead of Primary, Secondary, and Heavy. In order to give players more freedom when picking load-outs, the sequel has removed previous limitations.

This means that a single load-out can contain many of the same weapon types for the same slot. The first game limited players to pick a primary weapon for only the primary slot. Now, though, there can be two kinds of pistols in the same load-out or multiple forms of rifles. In addition, there will be new weapons for players to choose from. So far, Bungie has confirmed the addition of submachine guns, mini-guns, and grenade launchers.

Also, Destiny 2 will introduce various kinds of mods to further enhance weapons. Details on this system are still pending, but every weapon will have a single slot for a mod.

8. New worlds and travelling
There will be four worlds for players to experience: Earth, our home; Titan, the moon of Saturn; Io, the moon of Jupiter; and Nessus, the machine world of the Vex. In contrast to before, jumping between worlds will be much easier and less tedious. A new panel will allow for space travel instantly.

9. More to do and and more to see
Regardless of what mission took players where in the first game, the world was essentially a ghost town. Patrols were mundane to begin with, and it was only on the occasion of public events when there was any sign of activity or life.

This changes with Destiny 2, with populated worlds and new “adventures” for players to experience. The developer has promised diversity in the kinds of activities it will be providing; as well as greater incentive and reason to explore every crevice of every planet. This will not only bring out more players but they will also be coming across others while on their quest.

10. Reading Maps to know the land
One major way in which the gameplay has been completely shifted for Destiny 2 is the introduction of in-game maps for every planet. These will show all the important areas in the locality as well as points of interest. It will also highlight “landing zones” for players to choose from.

In addition, the sequel will feature “treasure maps” as well to find special loot, Lost Sectors, hidden dungeons with bosses, and the like.

11. Visual advancements
If the ongoing series of reveals has not already made it apparent, the rendering quality and overall visual fidelity of Destiny 2 has been greatly improved. The first game was pretty as well, but Bungie has not stopped to make the sequel look even better.

The environment showcased so far is penned to the last detail, with every planet featuring a different theme and palette. Better textures and lighting accompany special effects and detailed models that bring the game to life.

12. Better coded minions and characters
Destiny was famous for having bosses that were basically sponges for punishment. They looked intimidating, until the fight started. Without any formidable attack patterns, they would simply stand there while players would empty their weapons. Destiny 2 will feature more bosses than before and will not be that easy to take out.

There was also the issue of non-playable characters (NPCs) from the first game, majority of whom tagged along for nothing but to act as a source of annoyance. Looking at a few of the footage released so far for Destiny 2, the sequel will feature companions that actually are part of the action. This time around, playing solo might not be a lonely affair.

13. Gracing PC
The first game was exclusive to the consoles, making Destiny 2 the first installment in the series to release for PC. This is a tremendous opportunity for not only the PC community to get to know the game that it couldn’t before but also for console owners who might consider jumping over to experience platform-exclusive offerings.

14. Glorious 4K
While Bungie has announced that the PC version will feature support for 4K resolution, there is not reason why the same cannot be said for the console versions. Destiny 2 releases later this year, just before the arrival of Project Scorpio. It is likely that the sequel will be updated for the upgrade variants; thus, bringing over support for 4K on consoles as well.

15. Keeping an open ear
Bungie knows that it could have handled the original game better, which is why it is requesting the community to keep dropping in their suggestions and feedback. This line of communication is likely to remain open throughout the life of the sequel. The developer has made it clear that it wants to hear from the players before releasing any major changes that impact gameplay and the world.