Save Your World of Warcraft Tokens to Buy Destiny 2

Last night, a surprising announcement was made that Destiny 2 will ignore Steam and release exclusively through the Blizzard App (formerly

This means that the game will be completely integrated with the platform’s social and online features, as well as other related services. Since players will obviously be able to purchase Destiny 2 through Blizzard Balance, virtual credits loaded with real-world money, there is also the likelihood that the game will be purchasable through World of Warcraft Tokens.

Earlier this year, the company announced that players can exchange their Tokens for Blizzard Balance. The item is exclusive to World of Warcraft and was originally introduced to give players a way to buy additional subscription time. However, Tokens can also be now redeemed to spend on any other game from Blizzard. This means that Tokens can be used to purchase loot boxes in Overwatch or card packs in Hearthstone. Hence, there is no reason why players cannot do the same to purchase Destiny 2 when it becomes available.

Those interested in the upcoming sequel should hold on to their Tokens. Each can be bought for over 100,000 in-game gold and redeemed for $15 worth of credit. In that way, it will cost a person at least 400,000 in-game gold to get enough credits for a standard copy of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8. The PC version has been confirmed to be pushed back and will release on a later date. More details have been promised to arrive in the coming months and Bungie will be keeping us updated on how the second attempt will prove to be an immense improvement on the original.