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Overwatch Events Need to Slow Down to Combat Fatigue, Says Director

While majority of the community has been requesting for more Overwatch events to happen, Blizzard feels that it needs to take its foot off the gas pedal.

Posting on Reddit, game director Jeff Kaplan noted that the upcoming anniversary celebration will be the sixth event to arrive. Removing the initial months of launch, that is almost a single event for every month or so. Blizzard knows that there is excitement in accessing new content and opening loot boxes with friends. However, the regular release schedule of Overwatch events must be prolonged in order to prevent fatigue.

“Part of what makes events feel special is that they’re not happening all the time,” he explained. “I think we should really start to take our foot off the gas pedal when it comes to events and I think the focus for year two needs to become ‘What will Summer Games look like when it happens again?’ because there’s a certain spirit to it – like they really miss Lucioball and they really want it back, so it should have that.”

Making events a regular happening removes the element of surprise. The level of enjoyment is likely to deteriorate with time if Blizzard continues on this path. Looking at other popular multiplayer games, they usually conduct seasonal events throughout the year. It would be in everyone’s best interest if Overwatch saw three or four events at maximum in a single year.

The one-year anniversary celebration is scheduled to run from May 23 through June 12. Blizzard is slowly revealing what we should expect from the event. So far the developer has confirmed that the event will mark the launch of a new Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition, which will replace the current Overwatch: Origins Edition and feature ten free loot boxes.

There will also be a free weekend for players to test-drive all twenty-four heroes in all fourteen maps across every game mode. Any progress made during the period will be transferred over if the player decides to purchase a copy afterwards. This includes levels, cosmetic upgrades, and other rewards unlocked.