Destiny 2’s Multiplayer Will Be Reduced From 6v6 to 4v4

Destiny 2’s multiplayer, the time-honored Crucible that was in the first game, is getting a slight downsizing in the sequel. Previously, the mod allowed six on six combat in the larger game modes. Now, however, the Crucible has been reduced to only allow eight players to play against one another.

Along with this, several of the gametypes from the original Crucible will also not be making the jump to the sequel, so we may be losing a number of our favorite gametypes. So far, however, specifics have been scarce. We’ll hopefully not be losing Trials, Iron Banner, or some of the other multiplayer attractions, but again that relies on Bungie

The Crucible was one of the main draws of Destiny, not only as a way to get loot but also for events like the Trials of Osiris and the Iron Banner. Various events like Mayhem, Trials, and Iron Banner were one of the main reasons people kept coming back to the Crucible even after they’d beaten the story.

There’s no telling exactly how the decrease in team sizes for the Crucible will be affecting Destiny 2’s multiplayer. While Bungie has said that the reason is because they’re re-imagining the Crucible from its first principles, a lot of fans will likely want a better explanation than that.

However, we still have three months until Destiny 2 releases, which gives Bungie plenty of time to explain how the new Crucible is going to be working.

In addition to any other information about the multiplayer that Bungie will be revealing, we’ll also likely get to get a taste of Destiny 2’s multiplayer when the Destiny 2 beta rolls out sometime this summer.

Destiny 2 will be releasing September 8 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. PC players won’t be able to find it on Steam, and can instead find it on Blizzard’s