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Destiny 2 Will Grace PC Through Only Blizzard App (

It’s been known for a while now that when Destiny 2 comes out, it will no longer be a console exclusive. Now PC players will also be able to join in the fun, and in collaboration with Activision and Bungie, Blizzard will be hosting Destiny 2 on the official Blizzard App, its very own own game client.

Formerly known as, it already hosts all of Blizzard’s other games, including World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. While Destiny 2 isn’t a Bungie game, Blizzard is probably one of the best groups to help Bungie make it break out onto the PC.

As the creators of the original MMORPG, Blizzard more than any studio knows about the Destiny player experience, running around, killing enemies, and collecting loot to build up your character. While Destiny 2 on PC will also be sold via retail, you’ll only be able to buy it digitally from This will make Destiny 2 the first third-party game to be sold on the service.

The announcement about the platform exclusivity came through a video message from Blizzard’s own Mike Morhaime, who helped to close out Bungie’s livestreamed show with the news.

However, the news might not be welcomed by many; previous guesses had said that Destiny 2 would hopefully be on Steam, as it’s one of the most widely-used digital gaming clients. Its move to, a platform used mostly by Blizzard fans more than anything, might be seen as controversial.

Not to mention, with the game having originally been a console exclusive, gamers that are wanting to play Destiny 2 on may see a substantial decrease in player population, even with the large fan-base that Destiny still has (and the many PC players that will likely want to play it there, rather than on consoles).

Either way, we’ll have to see how things work out when the game releases September 8.