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Destiny 2 Weapons Include Submachine Guns, Grenade Launchers and More

Following yesterday’s gameplay reveal, we now finally have the answer to the question whether Destiny 2 weapons will include submachineguns or not in order to ramp up the gameplay even more.

The answer to that is yes, the new Destiny 2 weapons will not only include submachineguns but also a huge arsenal of other weapon types. Thanks to some new images, we have also have a look at the some of the submachineguns and other weapons in the game.

The images show the player of Light 200 holding various weapons in the game including Level 14 submachineguns such as Red Mamba-3MG and Phosphoros MG4. All the weapons from the original Destiny including Hand Cannons, Fusion Rifles and Shotguns are also making a return.

Apart from submachineguns, which should be really fun and interesting to use in the new, tight-knit 4v4 PvP, the new Destiny 2 weapons also include grenade launchers such as Naddodd-D. Seeing these devastating grenade launchers in action during the Inverted Spire strike was truly a sight.

Besides weapons, Bungie has also revealed more information about the highly awaited PC version of Destiny 2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the PC version will be releasing alongside the console versions on September 8th.

Despite the PC version being developed by a different studio, it seems like the man power just wasn’t enough and the studio needs more time to make it perfect for the PC audience which means the PC port could release a few months late, around Christmas.

This delay combined with the decision to release the game exclusively on Blizzard app instead of Steam suggests Bungie might have lost touch with the PC market since their days of Halo games. Let’s hope the wait is worth it.

A beta for Destiny 2 is planned for summer this year with more information expected at E3 2017 where Bungie will hopefully also talk about Project Scorpio.