Destiny 2: Warlock Dawnblade Subclass Skills And Abilities

Since the reveal of Destiny 2 gameplay, Bungie has been revealing a ton of new details about the upcoming game. The studio has officially unveiled three new subclasses that will be featured in the Titan class adding more depth to the Destiny’s RPG formula. Dawnblade is one of the subclasses that will be available for Titan.

Bungie showed off Warlock’s new Dawnblade subclass during the reveal event. Dawnblade will be new Solar subclass that will replace Sunsinger. The skill tree layout for Dawnblade in Destiny 2 has not changed much from the first game with Super icon in the middle, and everything else taking shape around it.

Dawnblade in Destiny 2 has two Passive Skill trees and each one has four nodes. There are three types of grenades: Solar, Firebolt, and Fusion. The Solar Grenade creates a flare of Solar Light that delivers continuous damage to enemies trapped in it. The Firebolt Grenade unleashes bolts of Solar Light at nearby enemies and the Fusion Grenade is an explosive grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to its target.

In Destiny 2 there are two Rift abilities for Dawnblade subclass which include: Healing Rift ability and Empowering Rift ability. Healing Rift ability conjures a well of Light that heals those inside it and Empowering Rift ability also conjures a well of light that increases the attack power of those who are inside it.

Moving ahead, there are three jump types for Dawnblade subclass which include: Balanced Glide, Focused Burst, and Controlled Glide. The Balanced Glide jump will give bonuses to both speed and control of the character, the Focused Burst will give an initial burst of speed, and the Controlled Glide will give improved directional control while in the air.

As we mentioned before there are two passive skill trees in Destiny 2 for Dawnblade subclass and each has 4 nodes. The skill tree 1 has four abilities: Phoenix Dive, Skyfire, Risen Angel, and Igniting Touch.

The Phoenix Dive ability will allow you to quickly descend from mid-air and you will also regenerate health. The Skyfire ability, when activated the Daybreak, will cause explosive damage when you land. Risen Angel ability will allow you to aim your weapon to hover in space while in the air for a short time and will deal Precision damage. The Igniting Touch ability is a powerful melee attack that ignites enemies and causes them to explode.

Skill Tree 2 has four abilities: Firestarter, Wild Fire, Everlasting Flames and Blazing Dash. The Firestarter ability is a powerful melee attack that will damage the enemies while increasing your movement and reload speed. The Wild Fire ability lets you engage enemies mid-air allowing you to fire weapons and throw grenades while gliding.

The Everlasting Flames ability will grant extended duration to Daybreak if an enemy is killed by Daybreak ability. The Blazing Dash ability will allow you to dodge in mid-air.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch on September 8, 2017, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch at a later date.