Destiny 2 Hunter Gunslinger Skills, Abilities and Passive Skill Trees

While Destiny 2 will introduce new subclasses for all 3 main classes in the game, it will also be doing a major overhaul of the already existing subclasses such as the Gunslinger. The fact that players start from scratch after losing the power of the Light gave developers the chance to rework the current subclasses without having to worry too much.

Besides changing skills and tweaking things, Destiny 2 is also adding a new Class Ability to the fray. In the case of Gunslinger subclass for Hunters, this ability comes in the form of dodge. Dodge also automatically reloads the player’s weapon.

The game will also be introducing two new passive trees to each subclass. Investing points in these trees will upgrade the current abilities and skills of the player instead of providing them new abilities.

One of these two passive trees for Gunslinger is Way of the Outlaw. This tree contains buffs like Chains of Woe that increases reload speed through precision hits, Bombs for Bulleyes which reduces grenade cooldown through precision hits and augments throwing knife to explode shortly after impact.

If players go down the Way of the Outlaw passive tree, their Golden Gun can be further augmented to provide six shots instead of three, although the duration of the ability is also reduced.

The other passive tree has some interesting improvements as well. Not only can players throw knives with Knife-Juggler but if they get a precision kill with the throw, the cooldown of the ability is instantly reset. Investing points in Gunslinger’s Trance reduces cooldown of the Golden Gun Super ability while precision hits with the Golden Gun drops Orbs of Light for allies through the use of Crowd-Pleaser.

Grenades remain mostly unchanged despite the restructuring of the Gunslinger skill tree with players having the option to choose between Incendiary, Swarm and Tripmine.