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Destiny 2 Strike Inverted Spire Gameplay Shown, More Of The Usual Destiny Stuff With Some New Additions

After yesterday’s Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, the internet has been flooded with gameplay footage and information from people who attended the event. We also have our first look at the Destiny 2 Strike, Inverted Spire courtesy of


The gameplay footage shows the usual 3-man fireteam taking on the Destiny 2 Strike Inverted Spire with all three classes of the game, although the gameplay perspective is from Gunslinger Hunter.

While the gameplay footage doesn’t really show much in terms of new combat experience, the map design this time around during combat encounters does feel a bit better and less claustrophobic. Of course the usual, running down hallways and killing enemies from the original game is also there.

Besides the showcase of new weapons including a grenade launcher and some new enemies including War Beasts and Gladiators, there isn’t anything new in the gameplay that separates it out from the original Destiny experience.

While the Vex and Cabal enemies players encounter remain the same without any new archetypes, the aforementioned War Beasts and Gladiators are new additions and seem to be part of the planet Nessus’ native residents. The Gladiators stand out thanks to their huge size, almost Cabal-like and dual wielded blades.

Another interesting new addition to Destiny 2 seems to be yet another AI in the player’s ears besides their personal Ghost. Whether this AI, Failsafe, is limited to the Destiny 2 Strike or not remains to be seen but it could be a fun experience with the banter between Ghost and Failsafe.

While the game demo could be played on both PC and PS4, Bungie only allowed recordings from the PS4 version so we still have no footage of the PC version in action to see how well it performs.

Destiny 2 is scheduled for a September 8th release on PS4 and Xbox One while there is no fixed release date for the PC version yet, which will be using Blizzard client instead of Steam.