Sony’s XDev Europe Branch Teases Secret New XDev Games

Sony’s XDev Europe branch went on Twitter today in order to tease a number of XDev games they showed to Sony president Shuhei Yoshida. While we don’t have any details, we’ll likely be seeing one or two games from the studio when E3 rolls around next month in mid-June.

XDev is responsible for coordinating with various indie studios to help them get their games on the Playstation 4, so we’ll maybe be seeing some cool indie XDev games when the Playstation conference rolls around at E3.

XDev has brought a number of games to the Playstation 4, such as Resogun, LittleBigPlanet, Quantic Dream games like Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, and others like Supermassive Games, Sumo Digital, and more.

Many of these games will likely be used to counter Xbox’s own E3 conference, since the two are the big powerhouses of the gaming industry. Both companies have released what’s likely only parts of what they’re going to be showing at E3, and hopefully we’ll be seeing really cool-looking titles from both of them.

Sony’s own games include games like The Last Of Us 2, Detroit, God of War PS4, and more, while Microsoft may go to Call of Duty, Star Wars, and more, if the various other E3 conferences leave them anything to unveil for themselves.

A number of different studio giants like Bethesda, EA, Devolver Digital, and Ubisoft have all scheduled their own E3 conferences, so we’ll not only have a lot more conferences to watch, but also a lot of other games that we’ll be getting looks at.

Either way, the XDev games will likely be a good part of the Playstation E3 conference, so when you tune in around that time be sure to keep on the lookout for some of the games that XDev is involved in.