Winston Becomes Staple Pick in Korean Overwatch Meta

The Overwatch meta has reportedly undergone a giant shift in South Korea, with professional players creating compositions that revolve around Winston.

The highly intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, has seldom been the star attraction in competitive play following the game’s release last year. However, recent patches have suddenly transitioned Winston into an important part of the current meta.

“Winston is the most important for finishing off DPS enemies which increases his necessity and also separating enemies, and this is even more effective right now since teams use more DPS heroes instead of tanks in the current meta,” reads a thread on Reddit.

Several leading coaches participating in the regional APEX League have been reinforcing the idea that Winston is one of the best and most important heroes on the roster. As a result, many teams are said to have forced their best players to start playing the leaping tank.

The Overwatch meta in South Korea has apparently moved on from Genji because coaches believe he has a hard time against Tracer and Soldier: 76. Winston, on the other hand, is said to fare much better. However, the community does not share the same opinion. It still holds Genji higher than Winston, stating that the ninja is more capable to take out an enemy Tracer than Winston.

The ongoing competitive season will tell us more as to just how the meta is shifting. In the mean time, we can hope to see other heroes return to professional games for more diversity. Perhaps there is still a chance for Reaper to appear from the shadows to counter Winston.

Blizzard will be celebrating its first anniversary of Overwatch next week. There will be a free weekend for players to test-drive all twenty-four heroes in all fourteen maps across every game mode. That is if you already haven’t purchased a copy.