What Would A Sony Version Of The Nintendo Switch Look Like?

Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch console has been shown to be extremely popular both because of its games and also because it can be played either as a home console or as a mobile. Now, the website Curved.de has taken a guess as to what a Sony version of the Nintendo Switch might look like.

Sony had previously had two different portable consoles that enjoyed moderate success in the form of the Playstation Vita and the Playstation Portable. Both have since been either discontinued or rolled back in production by Playstation, despite having a number of extremely successful games, such as Persona 4 Golden on the Vita.

There were a number of reasons for the failures of the PSP and the Vita, mainly a lack of good games and gamers mainly preferring the bigger consoles that contributed a lot more. However, the Sony version of the Nintendo Switch that Curved.de came up with seems to be fairly similar to the Switch.

While we don’t really know what the main console version of that Switch lookalike might be, the posted video gives us a good vision of its tablet.

Both consoles are able to stay propped up and can be played on the go without being connected to the main console. They also have two controllers that can be held in either hand, separate from the tablet, but can also be combined to form a more conventional controller if you don’t find that method comfortable.

There are also a number of differences, though they’re mostly cosmetic; the Sony version of the Nintendo Switch appears to be much thinner, and its controller positions are different, going more on the corners of the screen than on the sides.

While there likely isn’t ever going to be a Sony version of the Nintendo Switch aside from this hypothetical version, you can at least see what the folks at Curved.de think it would look like in the video link above.