SK Hynix Releases Q2 Product Info Containing HBM2 And GDDR6 Details

SK Hynix has released the Q2 2017 databook containing some interesting information regarding HBM2 and GDDR6, the next generation memory standards for upcoming GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD.

According to the databook, SK Hynix will be shipping two types of 8Gb GDDR6 SDRAM to manufacturers in Q4 2017. One of these will be running at 14Gbps while the other will be at 12Gbps.

The GDDR6 memory is expected to be used in Nvidia’s Volta GPU lineup so this shipping date also seems to line up with the expected launch window of Volta.

These memory chips however still seem to fall slightly short of what SK Hynix had originally hinted at when talking about the capabilities of GDDR6 where it mentioned operating speeds up to 16Gbps. It will be interesting to see the performance of the new Nvidia GPU with the reduced speed, which is still a lot more than what the current GPUs are running at, 11Gbps.

In the databook, SK Hynix also went into more detail on the HBM2 standard, the one to be used for AMD’s GPUs including the upcoming Vega lineup scheduled to release in June.

The information suggests that HBM2 should be available in this quarter which makes sense since the Vega GPUs are just a month away. HBM2 will be available in chips of 4GB density running at 1.6Gbps.

AMD isn’t the only company benefiting from the imminent release of HBM2 as Nvidia has also announced that they will use SK Hynix’s HBM2 in their Tesla V100 accelerator cards, which also happen to be on the Volta architecture.

Considering AMD Vega 10 started mass production during Q1 with SK Hynix’s HBM2 batch, it is puzzling why the company will still have limited stock at Vega launch since it is highly likely that lack of memory chips is not the limiting factor here.