Fumito Ueda Might Develop A Shadow of The Colossus- Like Open-World Game For His next Project

The Last Guardian took almost 8 years to complete and game director Fumito Ueda is quite proud of what he has created. However, it has been a while since the launch of The Last Guardian and many are wondering what will be the next project for Fumito Ueda. Well, Ueda himself has revealed his plans for his next project which seems quite interesting.

Speaking during the Nordic Game Conference, Fumito Ueda, said that he won’t reveal any details about his next project but given that chance, he would like to create an open-world game quite similar to that of Shadow Of Colossus as he is done with The Last Guardian.

I cannot talk about the details [of my next project] but… Shadow came out of the experience with Ico, [going] from a closed world to open world. When I completed Shadow, there was a moment where I wondered if I wanted to go around an open world again, and maybe I should go back to a more closed space, spending a more intimate time with something in that space. That became the starting point for The Last Guardian.

Now I’ve completed The Last Guardian and spent so many years in that game, maybe I may go back to the Shadow-type environment.

Speaking of Shadow Of Colossus, Ueda has also shown interest in bringing the game to PSVR but added that he has doubts that he won’t be able to make a good product.

If I were to release Shadow Of The Colossus for PSVR, I would feel a responsibility to create something that goes beyond the expectations of the fan base. It wouldn’t be enough to just make a game where you’re standing at the feet of a colossus.

It is unknown what Ueda’s next project will be but he has already revealed that he has some plans for his next title in mind.

Source: GameIndustry