Embargo Broken, Three New ARMS Characters Revealed For Upcoming Game

A press embargo has been broken today, allowing us to see three new ARMS characters before the upcoming Nintendo Switch game releases. ARMS is a fighting game that’s being developed for the Nintendo Switch that involves springy-armed fighters boxing one another in a circular arena, and we’ve seen some characters already.

The three new ARMS characters revealed are named Kid Cobra, Twintelle, and Byte & Barq. They were leaked in a gameplay clip that showed a two on two match in the game, though the video has since been removed. We’ve seen a few gameplay clips of ARMS in the past few months since it was revealed.

However, we don’t really have a release date for the game, just that it’s going to be a title for the Nintendo Switch. Numerous other characters that will be in ARMS have been revealed before now, it just appears that the three newest ones will be revealed earlier than normal.

Each of the game’s characters have some interesting abilities that make them different from one another; for instance, Byte and Barq appear to actually be ”two” characters, though what effect this will have in the game remains to be seen.

The three new ARMS characters bring the number of characters in the game up to ten, adding to the number already made by Master Mummy, Min Min, Ribbon Girl, Mechanica, Spring Man, Helix, and Ninjara. And, there’s no telling what other characters might get revealed in the game.

With E3 coming up soon, and Nintendo actually having a conference this time, we may get a lot more information about the games coming up for the Switch. At last year’s E3, Nintendo only brought one game to the conference: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now, hopefully they can make a bigger impression with the Switch being released.