The Grey Nintendo Switch Is Available Again On Amazon Prime, Be Fast

The Grey Nintendo Switch variant is now available once again on Amazon Prime, though considering how those have been flying off the shelves you might want to hurry. Nintendo Switches have been suffering supply issues almost ever since they released, to the point of hampering sales when the stock runs out.

Originally, the Neon variant of the Nintendo Switch (where one Joy-Con is blue and the other is red) was available on Amazon. However, those are now sold out and the regular grey Nintendo Switch has instead taken its place. Either way it’s a Nintendo Switch, so it shouldn’t impact the frenzy much.

The Nintendo Switch was always going to be a popular console with the large variety of games and the hype that Nintendo built up around it, but I doubt even they knew how successful the console was going to be. As of March 31, around a month after release, the Switch has sold over 2.74 million units.

The demand has overwhelmed a huge number of different retailers, with every brief restock period such as this one with the Neon and Grey Nintendo Switch variants flying off of the shelves and selling out very quickly. However, that’s still got to be a welcome sight for Nintendo.

The company’s previous console, the Nintendo Wii U, sold around 13 million units in its entire lifetime before the Switch came out, paling in comparison to the original Wii, which sold over 101 million units.

While the Switch hasn’t gotten anywhere near either of those numbers yet, it seems to be more of a supply issue than low demand, especially since the Neon variant of the Switch sold out even though it was only for Amazon Prime members.

Either way, if you’re an Amazon Prime member and have been looking for a Nintendo Switch, the grey Nintendo Switch currently available will likely be your best chance.