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Blizzard Mistakenly Eliminates Hearthstone Pro From Championship, Offers Card Packs

Peter “Gaara” Stevanovic thought he had enough points to be eligible for the upcoming Hearthstone Championship Tour. However, it was revealed last week that Blizzard had made an error in the overall scoring. With a last-minute correction, Gaara was knocked out of the playoffs by just one point.

What happened was that there was another player with the same name, and one of his points was mistakenly awarded to Gaara. The problem is that Blizzard was sitting on the incorrect tally of points for more than three months. During this time, Gaara decided to not push himself further in the ladder because he had already qualified. Had the mistake be corrected earlier, the player would had likely been able to qualify, again, for the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

Initial communications led to little attention from Blizzard. However, once the issue blew up on Reddit, the developer finally came forward with a few offerings as compensation.

Blizzard offered Gaara a hundred free Journey to Un’Goro card packs, which is roughly $120, and a ticket to BlizzCon 2017 in November. If he is unable to attend, the company has agreed to refund the ticket and pay him a further $200 in Blizzard credit.

Beyond the compensations, Gaara will still be unable to participate in the playoffs. The approximate $320 worth of goods is what Blizzard feels is good enough for the loss of competitive opportunity. Gaara, though, is not interested in free card packs or tickets to a convention. He worked hard to reach the Seasonal Championship and is highly disappointed in how Blizzard has followed up its own mistake.

The sentiment of the community is similar. The screw-up is bad enough. Compensating him through card packs and virtual credits is out right insulting. Blizzard should have done better, beyond the fact that such an issue should have never happened in the first place.