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Your Shop Returns to League of Legends, Ping Muting Now Available

During the legacy era, League of Legends featured a secondary in-game shop that would pull random discounts for six randomly chosen skins. Called Your Shop, it came around once in a while when the developer hosted special or seasonal events.

However, Riot Games had to discard a lot of features when it began pushing the new client. Your Shop was one of them, locked away in a closet with the promise that once the client escapes beta testing, the development team will bring back the said features.

Patch 7.10 was released last night for League of Legends, and Your Shop has finally returned. To celebrate the rebirth, the random-generating shop will keep its doors open until June 6. It will then retire, only to reappear in the future for occasions like Lunar Revel and Snowdown.

According to Riot Games, the discounts in Your Shop may include Legacy skins that are not currently available in the store. Do note that Ultimate, Legendary, Limited, Loot-exclusive, and skins released in the last three months will not be featured in the shop.

In addition to the secondary shop, League of Legends has also received the recently revealed Ping Muting feature. A new button right next to the chat-mute button in the tab menu silences “standard pings, smart pings, and the newer HUD pings” to give the player the peace of mind.

While the League of Legends pings are crucial and very informative when it comes to coordinating with team members, some players can start spamming it just to annoy others. For example, a player in a particular lane may start pinging the jungler for help. However, if help does not arrive, the player may begin spamming the shrilly sound just to vent and annoy others.

Thanks to the new button, that kind of spam is no longer a concern.