You Can Now Surrender at Fifteen Minutes in League of Legends

The long-awaited option to surrender a bit earlier in League of Legends, hopefully when facing an inevitable defeat, has officially arrived.

Patch 7.10 was released last night, allowing teams to wave the white flag at fifteen minutes instead of the previous twenty-minute mark. Do note that it does not remove the latter threshold and the vote must be unanimous in order to end the game earlier. Failure, though, will give the team another five minutes to decide its fate. In addition, surrendering at fifteen minutes will send players back to the lobby and not remake the game.

It was in November when Riot Games revealed that it was working on the feature. Apparently, the developer had considered the option before as well but had to abandon it in order to make time for the new League of Legends client as well as the previous pre-season changes.

As trivia, there was a time when Riot Games was even considering to allow players to surrender at the ten-minute mark. The idea, though, was quickly scrapped.

While it is never advised to surrender a game just like that, there are instances where a game is pretty much over before it begins. The opposition managing to register a large amount of kills just in the first few minutes can result in a nasty snowball that rolls downhill until the game is over. In such scenarios, it is frustrating for players to wait out twenty minutes in order to give up. The early-surrender option addresses this very concern.

That being said, comebacks are always possible and teams are advised to work together to salvage seemingly lost games. Hopefully, the community will not take this opportunity to spam a call for surrender every time a side gives away multiple kills in the early phase of a game.