Chemtech Tryndamere Escapes Captors to Enter League of Legends

Chemtech Tryndamere is a new monstrous skin that was revealed last night after the Public Beta Environment (PBE) was updated by Riot Games.

The Barbarian King was apparently being held captive at a Zaunite laboratory, where he was subject to inhuman experimentation that changed him into a blend of technology and toxins. He is now heading for the Rift, to “test the strengths of his newfound improvements.”

Chemtech Tryndamere features a brand new character model. Half of his body is stitched with armor. There are twisting tubes running from the nape of his neck, transferring vile fluids right into his body. The right hand is completely replaced with a saw-blade cleaver that also feeds on the same toxins.

In addition, Chemtech Tryndamere boasts new visual and special effects, and swanky animations where he “juices” up before battle. The skin is currently priced at 975 RP and the developer is awaiting feedback from the community to address bugs and minor concerns with the design.

League of Legends just received Patch 7.10 last night. Hence, Chemtech Tryndamere is unlikely to arrive on the live servers any time soon. The quickest possible date would be early June when the next patch is due or the one afterwards at the end of next month.

In other Zaunite-related news, the much anticipated rework of Urgot is expected to be detailed soon. All of his abilities are being broken down to be built back again from scratch as “a more cohesive and understandable package”. Additionally, he is getting a complete visual update, as well as significant improvements to his lore to match the new world that Riot Games has been building for the last couple of years.