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AMD Reveals Vega Frontier Edition GPU, High Cost High Performance Solution For Enthusiasts

After an earlier announcement teasing AMD’s Vega GPUs yet again, AMD shed some more light on their future roadmap with yesterday’s announcement including information regarding the first entry, Vega Frontier Edition.

During the announcement at its Financial Analyst Day, AMD also gave us our first look at the first Vega GPU, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition bearing the new AMD logo and an entirely new color scheme, dropping the usual signature black and red of AMD hardware.

The 14nm FinFET Vega Frontier Edition is a sleek looking blue colored GPU featuring 64 compute units, 26 teraflops of half-precision and 13 teraflops of single precision performance which gives it a massive edge over the current high end GPU in AMD’s lineup, the Radeon Fury X.

The GPU will be powered two 8-pin power connectors and include of 16GB of HBM2 memory on a 2048-bit bus. No information regarding the clock speeds for Vega Frontier Edition but given it is a high end GPU targeting pro gamers and users with high rendering requirements, a memory speed of around 2GHz can be expected.

AMD also seems to be going the Nvidia route this time around, launching the Vega Frontier Edition in two different variations. The normal blue GPU will be the typical air cooled blower style one while ther is also a golden version which offers liquid cooling for more stable performance and speeds.

There is no fixed price tag for the GPU as of yet but considering that AMD is targeting this towards the enthusiast and pro market, a price of around $1000 if not more can be expected. The Vega FE is scheduled for a June 2017 release so more information should be available by that time.

The announcement event also shed some more light on AMD’s future plans including mention of two new Vega chips on 14nm and 14nm+ designs. AMD is also going on a joint venture with Intel to clear out the current Intel/Nvidia combo when it comes to integrated graphics.