The Surge P.A.X Boss Guide- How To Kill, Battle Tips And Strategy

The Surge P.A.X Boss Tips guide will help you with how to defeat this boss and avoid taking massive damage from this enemy. P.A.X is the very first boss you will encounter in The Surge and being the first boss of the game the main purpose of this fight is to teach you how to fight a boss but this enemy can and will deal massive damage.

The Surge is a Sci-Fi action RPG developed by Deck 13, the developer behind the Lords Of The Fallen. The game might take its inspiration from Dark Souls games but presents it in a different way. Players will face different enemies both humans and machines and they have to solve the mystery of what has happened.

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The Surge P.A.X Boss Tips

In our The Surge P.A.X Boss Tips, we have detailed everything you need to know about defeating the P.A.X.

The Surge P.A.X Boss Tips Guide

P.A.X is the first boss that players will encounter in The Surge in Rocket Assembly Station. P.A.X is a gigantic mechanized combat robot also known as Pacification Automaton X. P.A.X is a bit damaged while fighting which makes it less deadly than it should be, but don’t be fooled as this mech is capable of dealing huge amount of damage and can cause death in mere few moves.

As soon as you enter the area where you will face P.A.X in The Surge, quickly reduce the distance between and you and him and lock on to any of its legs and attack it at any given opportunity. P.A.X’s moves are pretty predictable but they deal massive damage. Stomping its feet is the common attack for this machine, sometimes it will stop only once and sometimes it will do it repeatedly.

With every hit you land of this machine, it will fill up an orange bar and once it is full, P.A.X will fall on the ground. As soon as this happens lock on to the head of the robot, and attack it repeatedly until it gets back up and you will have to again refill the bar with attacks to knock it off again.

Keep repeating this process and P.A.X will utilize its special move where it will fire a bunch of missiles at you. So avoid damage just keep on dodging until the attack is over which will take only a few seconds. Just keep repeating this until it is defeated.

That is all for our The Surge P.A.X Boss guide with tips on how to defeat it and how to avoid taking massive damage from this enemy!