The Surge Big SISTER 1/3 Boss Guide – How To Kill, Battle Tips And Strategy

The Surge Big SISTER 1/3 Boss Guide will help you with Big SISTER 1/3 Boss fight which is a very challenging one, as players are required to stay on their toes through the boss fight and one little mistake can cause player’s death. There are three phases of Big SISTER 1/3 Boss and each is more aggressive and dangerous from the previous one, and that is where this guide comes in to lead you to victory.

The Surge is a Sci-Fi action RPG developed by Deck 13, the developer behind the Lords Of The Fallen. The game might take its inspiration from Dark Souls games but presents it in a different way. Players will face different enemies both humans and machines and they have to solve the mystery of what has happened.

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The Surge Big SISTER 1/3 Boss Guide

Big SISTER 1/3 is an extremely challenging boss in The Surge which players will encounter in Build Service Access in Central Production B. It is basically to giant robotic arms being controlled by a “Brain” with a variety of attacks that deal massive damage.

The Surge Big SISTER 1/3 Boss Guide

Initially Big SISTER 1/3 has only 3 basic attacks which include a Lunge attack, a Smash attack, and a Swipe Attack. That is not all, after every couple of attacks, Big SISTER 1/3 will try to hit you with a laser where you stand and if you dodge the laser comes back and this time its attacks from the behind in the direction where you are standing so be on your guard.

This is phase 1 of the boss fight and the strategy is simple, dodge the laser attacks and the arm attacks and hit every chance you get. Soon Phase 2 will start when you have dealt enough damage. As the second phase of the boss fight starts you will have to focus on the arms and the “head”, also the camera angle will become a little tricky.

Take out its arms one by one by one and when both arms are defeated, go to the other side and do the same. While doing this keep an eye out for the laser as it will be constantly trying to hit you, so dodge it. After the little while the floor will become electrocuted and will deal you damage, so try to make it quick as possible, so try and play aggressively.

Once you have dealt enough damage to Big SISTER 1/3 in The Surge, the boss fight will enter in the third phase and in this phase you will have to get close to its head. You will have to do that while still trying to dodge the its attacks and also you will have to fight it with a strangely zoomed camera angle that will take a bit to get use to it.

Also, stay close to the boss because if you move backwards the camera will zoom even more and can cause the player’s death. Running attacks will not be effective here so forget about them, to using fast attack weapons is recommended at least for the third phase of this boss fight in The Surge. In this phase you have to play aggressively until the Big SISTER 1/3 is defeated. Follow these steps and you will be able to defeat Big SISTER 1/3 in The Surge.

That is all for our The Surge Big SISTER 1/3 Boss Guide with tips on how to defeat it effectively so that you may receive minimum damage.