Relic Entertainment Releases New Dawn of War 3 Infographic About Resources

Relic Entertainment has released a new Dawn of War 3 infographic related to the resources that players use in the games to build their units. This is the second infographic that the studio has released, the first being focused on how many units had died in the game’s first week.

Much like many other RTS games like Dawn of War, the game’s economy is focused around a number of resources, mainly Energy and Requisition. However, two other resources are also necessary: Elite Points, and Population. Population is the maximum number of units you can support before your economy starts becoming stressed, while Elite Points are required to create elite units.

In previous Dawn of War games these came from capturing various points around the map. Dawn of War 3 apparently gives more ways to gather revenue. Dawn of War 2, however, mainly removed this system except for its muliplayer, as its story mode was focused more on small-scale battles than huge fights like previous games.

The ways the Dawn of War 3 infographic shows include things like salvaging vehicles or building “Waaagh!” towers for the Orks, upgrading your various buildings, constructing listening posts, and also the process of escalating income, where as the game goes into more escalation phases the amount of resources you get begins to increase.

There’s also passive effects shown in the Dawn of War 3 infographic that help you to get more income. These include destroying turrets and power generators, playing in multiplayer matches, and other various methods.

dawn of war 3

Considering the variety of units that Dawn of War 3 players are able to build, ranging from regular line infantry to elite infantry and the super units that serve as late-game, high-tier units, all of these resources will definitely be put to good use destroying the enemy faction, whether you’re in the campaign or in the multiplayer.

Dawn of War 3 is available exclusively for PC.