Overwatch Anthology Volume and Art Book Listed for October

The world of Overwatch comes to life later this year in the pages of two books, resulting from a working partnership between Blizzard and Dark Horse Comics.

The first is called Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1, which will provide backstories on a number of heroes by collecting all twelve comic issues released so far. While the digital versions can be read currently for free through the game’s official website, those interested in getting hold of an attractive hardcover edition can do so by spending $20.

The second is an art book, also in hardcover, which reveals “the creative process” behind the development of Overwatch. It features original illustrations, concept work, and commentary from the development team that have not been shared with the public so far. It will be available for purchase in two editions; a standard edition for $50 and a limited edition for $100, which will come packaged in a special clamshell box and three prints personally chosen by Blizzard.

According to their respective listings on Amazon, Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1 will release on October 10 while The Art of Overwatch will release on October 24.

The first anniversary of Overwatch is just around the corner. Blizzard is expected to host a special in-game event to celebrate the birthday on May 24. According to a recent data mining, there are several new skins, sprays, emotes, and highlight intros heading our way next week. In addition, a listing for a Game of the Year edition has also been unearthed.

Overwatch boasts over thirty million registered players worldwide. In the company’s latest earnings report, Blizzard revealed that the new team-based shooter had crossed a major sales milestone to become its eighth billion-dollar franchise. The achievement is incredibly impressive, especially considering that the game was released just a year ago.