A New Thief Game Is Not In Development According To Eidos Montreal

Following up on rumors from a few days ago that a new Thief game is on the way, developers Eidos Montreal has denied that any such game is currently in development.

Last week, Straight Up Films, the company working on a live action film adaptation of the Thief game franchise mentioned that a sequel to the 2014 Thief game would be releasing alongside the movie. However, judging by the tweet from David Anfossi, the studio head of Eidos Montreal, this is the first time the game developers have heard of a new Thief game.

In his tweet, David mocks the announcement of Thief 5 suggesting that the developers should probably start gathering a team and setting up a budget for the game now that it has been announced.

Following this tweet, Straight Up Films corrected their original statement and removed the part about the game which is mentioned below:

Widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever created, a fifth sequel is currently in development to be released in step with this motion picture adaptation

This seems like yet another confusing situation created by miscommunication between the original IP holders, Eidos Montreal and the company which acquired license to create something based on the IP which in this case is a live action movie.

Something similar happened last year as well to the Metro franchise where the official website of the book series mentioned that a new Metro game will be releasing in 2017.

Of course that turned out to be a false flag and Deep Silver, the publishers of Metro games confirmed that the next title in the Metro series would not be releasing this year.

Given the performance of the 2014 Thief game, which received mixed reviews with most of the criticism landing on the game’s story and receiving praise for the gameplay, it is unlikely that the developers and publishers of the Thief franchise would be interested in trying to revive the game just yet.