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Gillette and EDG Enter Global Esports Partnership

Gillette has announced EDward Gaming (EDG), one of the leading Chinese League of Legends teams in the world, as its first-ever global esports team partner.

The roster will be showing support for the men’s grooming brand “through a multitude of touchpoints” over the coming months. Unfortunately, there are no details on how exactly EDG will be working together with Gillette outside of wearing the name on their uniforms.

“It is an honor to be Gillette’s first esports team,” said David Ng, president of the team. “For more than 100 years Gillette has been a leader in men’s grooming and has supported the best athletes and teams in the world. EDG is proud to join the brand’s prestigious roster and have its support moving forward.”

This is the third time that Gillette has made a move this year in the world of competitive video games. In February, the company made its debut by announcing a global partnership with Electronic Sports League (ESL) and picking Enrique “xPeke” Martinez as its first-ever esports athlete as well as global esports brand ambassador.

Apparently, these past few months have proven to be a vital source of learning for Gillette. In a statement, the company exclaimed that working together with the passionate gaming community has been “inspiring.”

“The commitment to precision and performance under pressure displayed by professional League of Legends teams was inspiring to us and ultimately led us to partner with Gillette’s first esports team EDG, the top team in China and one that’s posed to break out on the global stage in 2017,” said John Mang, global vice president of Gillette.

Gillette using the platform of video games to promote its brand is not surprising. It was present at The Game Awards in December, where it birthed a pretty awkward moment by having a walking razor blade for its mascot.