Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC “Fallen Ghosts” Will Be Continuing Main Story

According to Ubisoft, the Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC “Fallen Ghosts” will be a direct continuation of the original game’s story. It will be releasing on May 30 if you’re a Season Pass holder, but if you’re not one of those, you’ll be getting it on June 6. Fallen Ghosts is the game’s second DLC.

According to the blurb, the Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC will focus on the aftermath of the game’s main story. Now that the Ghost team has taken down the drug cartels that ran the country, the rogue military unit Unidad is trying to restore order.

However, with Bolivia collapsing into civil war, Unidad has put out a call for anyone willing to “help” them restore order. Various brutal mercenaries, disgraced special forces squads, ex-cartel members, and more have all taken up the call.

This leads to the birth of a new faction, “Los Extranjeros” (the Foreigners) who are very dedicated to killing any American they find. The Ghosts are given a new mission to get every American out of the country as soon as possible, but when their chopper is shot down, they are dumped into the middle of the Bolivian jungle with Los Extranjeros closing in.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC will include fifteen different missions, which focus around the Ghosts taking down four new bosses in three different regions. Players will be given a new level 30 character, and the level cap will be pushed up to level 35 in the DLC.

This, along with new unlockable skills, new gear, new weapons, and new side activities, will help to make Fallen Ghosts a DLC that you can easily lose a few hours in, along with getting a bunch of cool new stuff.

Once again, the DLC will be out on May 30 if you’re a season pass holder, or June 6 if you aren’t. The DLC will be 15 dollars or your regional equivalent.