Players Do Destiny Raids With No Guns, Manage Not To Die Either

Now that Destiny 2 is going to be coming out in September, the first game’s players have apparently been undertaking a number of challenges before the first game becomes irrelevant. Such as undertaking every one of the Destiny raids with no guns, and also managing not to die in the process.

This means that with all of the various gimmicks of the raid’s bosses and the raids themselves, this team was able to overcome all of it without one of their biggest tools, their weapons. Mostly they went with their supers, melee attacks, and their grenade abilities.

All together, doing the Destiny raids with no guns took the team around 60 hours, with multiple failures happening in each raid. However, eventually the team got lucky enough to pull off the seemingly impossible goal.

Numerous other raid challenges had previously been attempted and in many cases succeeded by other players. These included no-death runs (which is even an achievement/trophy, Flawless Raider), solo runs, and more.

What makes it even more interesting is that the group did all of those raids back to back, with no breaks in between them. While ammo became less of a concern because the team didn’t use guns, it seems like they might not have even stopped to sleep (though for the sake of their health one hopes they did.)

Even when using the relics that were supposed to be used to bring down the barriers that would often protect raid bosses, the team refused to use them to cause damage and instead stuck to using just their supers, their grenades, and their melee attacks.

Another factor that made the raids very difficult was that Bungie has recently re-done the various raids, including the Year One ones like Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, which had become easily beatable for many players.

If you want to see the raid highlights for yourself, there’s a video further up the article.