Destiny 2 to Include SMG Weapons?

Destiny 2’s worldwide reveal is just 3-days away but information is starting to seep through the cracks already. A promotional teaser video was posted online by the developers earlier that gave us a hint of things to come. According to the ongoing speculations based on the teaser video, Destiny 2 is getting SMG weapons archetype.

The following video that was posted on Twitter shows a Guardian holding a weapon that looks very much like an SMG. The size and the way it is held is a clear sign that we may be getting SMGs. This is a highly demanded weapon type and it won’t surprising to find it in Destiny 2.

The speculations don’t end with this promotional teaser.A trio of Destiny 2 hats have gone on sale at GameStop, and considering their designs, Destiny fans may be able to discover bits of information about the game’s subclasses for all of their Guardians. The logos on the hats show a snake, a lion, and a hawk for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks.

Keep in mind that this is just information based on suggestive evidence so we can not confirm anything at this time.

Even if SMGs and subclasses aren’t a part of the base game, developers may add them later on. According to Bungie, the game’s post-release content is going to continues. The statement suggests a pattern similar to Destiny which had a ton of content.

Destiny 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and for the first time on PC as well. The release date is set for September.